Mr. Crow, our iconic Rusty Lake character, is joining the NFT space, officially becoming a #CryptoCrow.

Your Filthy Rich Mr. Crow doubles as your Hotel Club membership card AND grants access to members-only benefits, the first of which is access to The Lounge, where you can hang out and empty your mind!

Welcome to FRMC

When you buy a Filthy Rich Mr. Crow, you're not simply buying an avatar or a rare, super exclusive, and amazingly unique piece of art. You are gaining membership to a place of relaxation unlike any other, and Albert will instantly appear outside your window to watch over you.

Your Filthy Rich Mr. Crow will become your identity, take over your life, and open so many opportunities in the Rusty Lake blockchain! You can't even imagine the awesome stuff that will become accessible to you the second you grab your very own FRMC!


The team

FRMC was created by the best team on the day of the fool of our lord Mr. Crow!

Code Martian 2.0
My memories belong to The Lake
Wild Robin
Mental Health and Fishing addict
Art Overlord
I will draw you like one of my French NFTs
Blue Raven
Make me some coffee!